Grinding/ regranulate service

Implementation of new automated line of 600 kg allowing to manage technical formulations up to 6 components. Laboratory of metrology allowing the control of materials in entranc, then delivering of a certificate material with each batch produced.

Grinding of plastic parts (parts, plays)
Granulation following one CDC from the customer

Work on every types of polymers: PP, PS, PC, PA, PBT, PC / PBT, ABS, ABS / PC, PMMA …
Productivity gain on homogenization of virgin material  with colouring agent and regrind  material

Starting up of small series from 500 kg

Coloration :  addition of mineral loads and fiberglass, classification V2, V1, V0, etc. …
Possibility of subcontracting in order to TONNERRE; a single interlocutor For a complete loop of recycling (Grinding, Granulation, Molding)

* metrological Laboratory
* Melt Flow index
* Rate of charge
* Notched or unotched cut Charpy
* Density
* Vicat